7 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Stronger Person

It’s human nature to be oblivious to one’s weaknesses or to blindly trust others to get you out of sticky situations. Most of your days are wasted on hoping something better would happen. But trust us when we say that denial or patience don’t always give you the desired results (they never do actually). Life is a disaster that requires you to be your own hero. It’s time you identified your drawbacks and put yourself back on track. Here are 7 harsh truths you better realize sooner than later…

1. Your Life Is Filled With Excuses


Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet, but you make too many excuses to yourself every day. Was that diet really tough to follow? Is your cheating boyfriend really gonna turn over a new leaf? Was that sweater absolutely necessary for your wardrobe? Were you that tied up with work to skip out on having lunch with your parents?

What To Do:

Always find a way. Prioritize things and people in your life. Try to live for those who actually love you and learn to prune toxic relationships from life. Realize your shortcomings and work hard towards making up for them. Excuses are never the answer.

The World Will Not Reward You


No, sometimes ‘all the universe’ doesn’t ‘conspire in helping you achieve what you want’. You will have to work hard towards achieving it. The world, and the people in it owe you absolutely nothing. You may be kind, considerate, and funny, but the universe mostly never gives a shit.

What To Do:

Learn to fend for yourself. You come alone into this world, and you’ll most probably have to take care of yourself alone too. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and learn to step out into the world with confidence. Claim what it rightfully yours and let go of things that were never meant to be.

3. No One Is Too Busy To Talk To You



It’s all about priorities. If you get the feeling that someone is avoiding you, then they most probably are. A partner too busy to find time for you, a friend who is never available when you need them, relatives who pop up only when they need a favor, are all blatant examples of how you are not important to people you wrongly prioritize.

What To Do:

Don’t wait around for people who take you for granted. Life is too short to waste on people who don’t care about you. Learn to observe and read people. Try to differentiate between those who actually want you around and the ones who only take advantage of you.

4. If No One Hates You, You Are Doing Something Wrong


If you are proud of how you have no haters, then your life sucks. If everyone is happy with what you do, you are probably compromising a lot in life.

To Do:

It is impossible to live your life to the fullest and keep everyone happy at the same time. Follow your dreams, take risks, go crazy with your friends, and most importantly, learn to say ‘no’. Never settle until you have gotten what you want.

5. Everyone Takes Care Of Their Own Interests First


Are you frustrated because nobody thinks of you even though you place their interests above yours every frigging time? Face it darling, no one ever will. That’s life for you!

What To Do:

Yes, being considerate of others is a lovely trait. But it’s not practical always. We are not asking you to sabotage others’ lives. But learn to live for yourself too. Stop sacrificing things for people who don’t give a shit about you. It’s a selfish world, filled with selfish people,and if you don’t take care of yourself, no one would.

6. No, Superheroes Don’t Exist



There are plenty of movies and stories where the protagonist is saved by someone who has all the answers to their troubles. Well, that rarely happens in real life.

What To Do:

Nobody is gonna come pull you out of your shell. No one is going to give you a makeover or name a star after you. It’s up to you and only you to bring about drastic changes in life. Everyone has a savior sleeping inside them- once you realize it, there will be no turning back.

7. Your Actions Speak Louder


Those witty comebacks that play in your head or the telepathic romantic messages you send your crush are never gonna get you anywhere. Thinking alone will not make things happen.

What To Do:

Learn to speak out. Start acting up on your instincts. Challenge yourself every day and be surprised with the limits you can push. Everyone can do great things if they put their minds to it. Imagine what a loss it would have been if Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and was too scared to act upon it!