6 Types Of Men You Should Definitely Not Date

Why do most dates end up with us sobbing on our couches with a tub of ice cream, watching old rom-coms and wondering why we can’t find love like that? Do we really have to go through a long line of disastrous relationships before finding The One? We can’t guarantee you finding your soulmate, but we can help you out when it comes to avoiding toxic men. Here are six different men you should steer clear of if you want to make your love life less complicated.

1. The ‘Says-He’ll-Call-But-Wont’ Guy


You do not need to be standing vigil by your phone waiting for a guy to call you if he’s going to take weeks. A straightforward guy will call you when he said he would because he’s just as interested in talking to you. A dirtbag however is more interested in playing mind games and keeping you on the edge. If he doesn’t call you soon, drop him like a hot potato.

The ‘I’ll-Leave-My-Wife-For-You’ Guy


If he’s wearing a wedding ring, run. It doesn’t matter how hot he is, how well read, how caring. The most obvious problem with dating a married man is that it doesn’t say much about his integrity as a person. He might seem like a good, kind man to you, but if he’s willing to betray his family, he’s probably not.

The second problem is that you’re probably going to be strung along for a long time with false promises. He might tell you he’ll leave his wife for you, but he most likely won’t. You will also have to be in a secret relationship with him, unable to do many things a normal couple should be able to. Trust us, you deserve a lot better than to be a side chick.

3. The ‘I’ll-Quit-Soon-I-Promise’ Guy


If a guy has a problem with drug and alcohol abuse, be patient, but know when to draw the line. If he promises he’ll quit but then doesn’t try, don’t waste your time hoping he’ll change. Addiction is a terrible disease, but if he’s not willing to put in the effort to fight it, then you can’t force him to. Remember, you’re not responsible for his choices. Don’t force yourself to stay in the relationship out of fear that things will spiral even further out of control if you leave.

The ‘You’re-Lucky-To-Date-Me’ Guy


We’ve all at some point met dated this guy. He’s the guy who boasts about his achievements throughout the date, not letting you get a word in edgewise. He probably also stares at his face in every reflective surface, carries a pocket comb to make sure his hair is perfectly coiffed and 9 out of 10 times, has an undercut. If a guy doesn’t make you feel important or doesn’t pay attention to anything you’re saying, walk out. It doesn’t matter if he looks like an underwear model, leave.

The ‘It’s-2 A.M.-But-Wyd’ Guy


If he texts you only when he’s drunk and only when he wants to sleep with you, don’t reply. Even if you have feelings for him, don’t hang on to the hope that he’ll feel the same way one day. If he doesn’t respect you enough to have a proper relationship with you, he’s never going to change. Don’t wait on someone who clearly doesn’t feel the same way. You deserve a man who will make you feel special always and not just when he’s drunk.

6. The ‘You-Look-Like-My-Ex’ Guy


Before you get into a relationship with someone, you need to know that they will be in this as much as you are. You definitely do not want to date a guy who is still hung up on his ex. It’s okay to be selfish and expect them to be fully committed to you and you only. If he still misses his ex, talks to her very often and brings her up when you two are together, he’s not over her. You shouldn’t settle for being second-best. You need someone who is fully invested in your relationship.