6 Things That Happen When You Turn 40

You were just out of high-school few years back, and still remember those embarrassing memories from college, you are still hitting the club with your colleagues on Friday nights, and suddenly when look at yourself in the mirror and have a close look, you see how old you actually are. You are 40 now. 1 2

Losing youth sounds like a terrible idea when the whole world around you tirelessly focuses on staying young and beautiful. You either dream of staying young forever, or get old with silver hair and thick glasses to wear. But no one prepares you for middle age. You are more prone to being confused, stuck, your body acts weird, and the list goes on. Here is an article with six important things that you can’t do anymore as you hit 40:

1. You Can No Longer Quit Bread For A Day And Lose Weight



Bottom line, your body loves being fat and happy at 40. At this age, you can eat only a handful of fries and gain three pounds by next week. Love your body when you’re young, as after you hit the middle age, it doesn’t care how good it looks. Save those yoga pants and stretched out t-shirts for later. Dress-up and wear everything you want to as long as it looks good on you. After a point, you can’t bask in the sun in a beach wearing a bikini.

2. You Get A Decent Handle On Yourself


By now, you know what you want, what kind of person you are, and what you don’t like. You don’t care much about how you want to live, because you know that you’re already doing it well. You don’t care about judgments, and you don’t care if a lot of people dislike you. You like to live your life on your terms.

Your Brain Acts Weird


A thing common with you and a lot there people out there in their 20s, your inability to remember directions. There are times when you forget why you walked into a room, and it’s completely fine. You can no longer remember things as you used to. Your brain has done its job well in youth. It’s okay if you don’t remember everything. You can keep a journal to plan your days and important tasks to be on the safer side.

4. You Quit Caring


You don’t care what people are going to talk about you, or their opinion about things that you do. You like to do things your way, and quit caring what people think about your career, your job, your house, your cutlery and dishes, your clothes, and so on. You develop a resiliency over things. You don’t let your friends and acquaintances influence you into do things according to their like.

Your Face Turns Into A Piece Of Art


Those fine lines and sagging skin that you see on your face, are signs of graceful ageing. Accept your age and signs that it shows on your body. You have lived and survived 40 years of a tough life, and these signs are a trophy you should be proud of.

6. You Realize Importance Of Things


You start realizing what’s more important to you in your life. Your children, your husband or wife, or the career that you created for yourself after slogging every day. Your world can have anything you want, and your world is beautiful. You start paying more attention to your health, your skin, exercise, and other things that need your attention.