6 Things That Happen When An Empath Loves A Narcissist

Empaths are the best kind of people you could ever fall in love with and narcissists are the worst. So what exactly happens when there is a union of this Yin and Yang? True that opposites attract each other, and that two people who have extreme personalities can balance each other out. The question is, to what extend does this work? Let’s find out.

1. A Beautiful Start


Like every other relationship, this one too starts on a very happy note. It would be perfect as the empath keeps falling for people they can heal and take care of while the narcissist wants someone who will listen to them blabber about themselves day in and day out. Sounds like a match made in heaven…right?

2. While One Gives Always The Other Takes Always


As the relationship progresses, the empath falls more and more in love with the narcissist, giving them every inch of their heart and soul. The narcissist too falls in love, but with the idea that there is someone who adores them and loves them. So, while the empath keeps on giving love and care, the narcissist keeps on extracting the same, without a care in the world- it never occurs to them that they are supposed to reciprocate whatever they receive.

The Manipulation Game Begins


Empaths are just humans, so after a point of time when they start realizing that all the love and affection they are showering on their partner is not being reciprocated. This makes them upset- very upset, we say. But when the poor empath confronts their self-obsessed partner regarding this, they will turn things around in such a way that the empath feels it’s all their fault. Narcissists are good at doing this- they put things in such a way that the empaths feel they are just being clingy or insecure. But the truth is that the empaths are right to yearn for love and affection just like their partners.

Reaching A Breaking Point


The manipulation game continues for a period of time, until one day the empath realizes that they cannot do this anymore. By then some of the traits of the narcissist would have seeped into the empath, making them realize that their needs are just as important too (which is a good thing). This leads to conflicts and fights, and the narcissist will start feeling that their partner is being selfish talk about irony!).

5. Signs Of Falling Apart


After a point of time the empath would just give up and the relationship would fall apart. The narcissist will still keep on blaming the empath for this, and the empath too will feel it’s their fault to an extent. The sad fact is that they don’t realize they were not the problem. They will regret for not trying harder, for not giving one last chance, for not being compassionate enough, because the narcissist has poisoned their mind with such baseless accusations.

The Slow Healing Process


As days pass the empath will heal, because that’s what they do best. While the narcissist will go along, searching for the next empath who would fall for their tactics. The empaths will learn from their experience, grow wiser, and also realize that they have the right to be loved and care for too, but the narcissists would continue to be their selfish selves, spreading unhappiness wherever they go.