4 Anti-Aging Indian Therapies For The Body And Mind

In India, anti-aging therapies are holistic practices to strengthen the body’s energies to prevent disease, rejuvenate the body and mind to delay the natural declining process and empower the body’s vital life energy to increase longevity.

In the west, anti-aging practices are primarily based upon reducing the visible signs of aging, however as the health of our skin, hair, nails, eyes and so forth are a reflection of our internal glands, organs, and systems, we can benefit immensely from the traditional anti-aging therapies and care for ourselves as a whole, to instil inner harmony and well-being and reflect outer radiance and youthfulness.

4 Anti-Aging Indian Therapies

1. Acupressure Therapy

Regulates and strengthens the energy body.

Apply the following anti-aging acupressure points for a few minutes, two times a day:

  • To reduce the effects of aging upon the body and mind, firmly massage the rejuvenation acupressure point, which is located on the inner right arm, midway between the wrist and elbow.
  • To replenish the body’s energy reserves and prevent premature aging, firmly massage the energy acupressure point, which is located around the middle joint of each little finger.
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  • To stimulate the pituitary gland which assists in regulating the hormones to delay the aging process, firmly massage the fleshy area on the upper part of each thumb.
  • To release mental stress and emotional anxiety which can contribute to the aging process, gently tug the earlobes and firmly massage them in small circular motions.
  • To reduce the visible signs of aging, firmly massage each inner leg from behind the ankle bone, up towards the knee and end at the top of the inner thigh, which is linked to the kidney energy.

2. Mudra Therapy

Rebalances the five elements of the body.

The Varun mudra assists in releasing impurities from the detoxifying organs, which is reflected in healthy radiant skin and sparkling eyes.

To practice the Varun mudra:

  • Place tip of your right little finger on the ball of your right thumb.
  • Place your right thumb over your right little finger.
  • Cradle your right hand with your left hand.
  • Place your left thumb over your right thumb, pressing it gently.
  • Practice two times a day for twenty minutes each, whilst relaxing.

3. Facial Massage Oil Therapy

Stimulates anti-aging facial acupressure points to balance the body’s energy flows using natural rejuvenating compounds.


Massage the face and neck with one of the following:

  • Organic ghee for all skin types softens the skin and absorbs easily to improve the texture and reduce puffiness and wrinkles especially around the eyes.
  • Sesame seed oil for dry and mature skin, is a natural rejuvenating moisturizer, repairs skin damage and protects the skin from environmental pollution.
  • Pomegranate seed oil for sensitive skin is a natural sunscreen, prevents the formation of wrinkles and promotes skin elasticity.

Start the massage at the base of the neck and work upwards, using small circular motions concentrating on the following areas:

  • The jawline, which stimulates the lymphatic system to clear excess moisture and impurities and reduce puffiness and congestion.
  • The area directly under the cheekbones, which improves facial oxygenation to enhance skin tone and texture.
  • The area on the forehead directly above each eye, which releases mental stress and relaxes the facial muscles.
  • Allow the oil to remain on the skin for up to one hour and then gently remove excess with a warm damp facecloth.
  • For dry skin, leave overnight.

4. Ancient Healing Food Therapy

Rejuvenates the tissues of the body and mind through organic anti-aging properties.

  • Ghee is extensively used in India to nourish the body, detoxify the mind and soothe the emotions. It is well known for its rejuvenating properties and increases the digestive fire to improve metabolism, thus prevents weight gain. Add one tablespoon of homemade organic ghee, which is simple to prepare, to each meal.
  • Raw honey is highly regarded for its cleansing and rejuvenating properties. It is believed to empower the body’s life force, is rich in vitamins, minerals and live enzymes to restore and repair damaged cells. Use raw honey liberally in smoothies and raw food desserts in place of unrefined sugars.
  • Sprouts are germinated seeds of legumes or grains that are abundant with rejuvenating and health promoting properties. They are nutrient-dense, balance the body’s acid/alkaline levels and are simple to grow at home. Add them to salads and smoothies or sprinkle over meals.
  • Black sesame seeds are associated with longevity, improve the health of the skin, eyes, hair and nails and nourish the body to prevent age-related ailments. Grind one tablespoon of organic seeds to a powder, mix with a little water and raw honey, and take one third of the mixture with each meal.
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  • Otherwise, combine all of the above to make a potent anti-aging snack.

Aging is a natural process of life, however with the valuable knowledge of ancient self-healing holistic therapies we can strengthen our bodily systems to rejuvenate our tissues and delay aging.