10 Symptoms Of Kidney Disease One Should Never Ignore

You may not think much about them on a daily basis, but your kidneys play a vital part in keeping you healthy. Each day, these bean-shaped organs filter about 120 to 150 quarts of blood, leading to the production of about 1 to 2 quarts of urine, waste, and other extra fluids in your body. They are also responsible for maintaining the composition of blood, which allows your body to tick the right way.

Another important duty the kidneys perform is keeping the electrolyte levels (sodium, potassium, and phosphate) stable, which would stimulate the functioning of all the cells and organs in your body. Additionally, these twins are responsible for keeping hormone levels under check, regulating blood pressure and keeping your bones strong. Basically, your kidneys are very, very important and it is essential that you know about the various aspects of kidney disease or failure in advance so that you can spot it before things get out of hand.

Here are 10 common symptoms of kidney disease you should never, ever ignore.

1. Shift In Urination Pattern1-Changes-in-your-urinary-function


If there is a sudden and obvious change in the amount of urine you pass or the number of times you urinate per day day, then it is a pretty obvious sign that your kidneys are in trouble. Altered urinary pattern is one of the initial symptoms of weak kidneys.

Try and keep a track of the number of times you go to the urinal— if it is way more than your normal numbers, then you need to get your kidneys checked. You should also keep a check on your fluid intake.

2. Breathlessness


A severe consequence of kidney disease is the buildup of excess fluids in your lungs, which leads to shortness of breath or the constant feeling of suffocation. Even basic actions like walking and talking will seem difficult if you are experiencing this symptom. Seek immediate medical attention if this is the case before it is too late to revive your lungs or kidneys.

3. Spotting
Blood In Urine


If you see blood in your urine, it is a real cause for concern as it is a classic kidney-disease symptom. There is a chance that your disease has crossed over to the final stages and is hard to cure. Even if you see blood in your urine once, it’s a serious alarm. Never ever take this symptom lightly—consult your doctor immediately.

4. Urine That Is Foamy


If your pee is looking foamy, then know that you are in for some kidney trouble. Your urine appears foamy when protein is being leaked from your body into the urine stream. There is also a chance that there are other toxins mixed with the urine. Chances are that your kidneys are malfunctioning, preventing them from disposing off waste the right way.

5. Untimely Swelling Or Oedema



Kidneys are responsible for the removal of toxins, waste and extra fluids from the body. But when they are unable to do that, all these unwanted substance slowly get accumulate accumulated in your body. This waste buildup becomes evident when your feet start swelling up, face starts looking puffy, or if you experience a strange firmness in your hands. This predicament is termed ‘oedema’ and happens because the tissues swell up due to the accumulation of waste and fluids.

6. Constant Fatigue, Anemia And Weakness


Kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin, which helps the red blood cells carry oxygen. But when your kidneys start to malfunction, your body witnesses a plummet in the levels of erythropoietin, which causes anemia; making you feel weak and extremely tired.

7. Lightheadedness And Difficulty To Focus



Dizziness and brain fog which happen to be common symptoms of anemia and are also closely linked to kidney disorders.  When there is a fall in the oxygen levels in your brain, you will feel sluggish and have trouble focusing. Do consult a doctor if your dizziness persists even after sleeping well and eating healthy.

8. Frequent Shivers And Chills


If you’re constantly feeling cold even when the surroundings are decently warm or humid, then it could be an obvious sign of kidney disease. You will start shivering, feel a little feverish, or tired. Don’t misread these symptoms and rely on self-medication.

9. Skin Infections And Rashes


Although this symptom can easily be mistaken for common allergies, rashes could be a strong indication of kidney disease or even worse; failure. This happens when your kidneys are not able clear your body of toxins, causing them to resurface in the form of skin disorders.



The final sign of kidney disease is when your body is so intoxicated that you start throwing up everything you drink or eat. Do not mistake this for food poisoning or indigestion—seek help immediately!

If you can relate to a couple or more of these symptoms, then it’s high time you got your kidneys checked.