About us


We are a ‘Healthy Living’ Company. We started Curejoy with a mission to bring Authentic,
Actionable and Easy to use information, in the area of Natural Health and Wellness, to the masses.
With the help of hundreds of health and wellness experts in our community, we strive to produce reliable
and credible content for our users. We are the largest online destination for everything about Healthy
living and have become a vibrant community of experts and enthusiasts looking to find fresh and credible
content, answers to some of the common health questions and health advice from Experts.

We reach close to 100M people every month, globally though our website, social media channels, Newsletters and Messengers.

If you are a Brand agency and interested working with us, just say hello at advertise@curejoy.com

For all other matters, please reach us at support@curejoy.com